Malfoy Mansion is a very old game and has had the same moderators the whole time. In that time we’ve learned one or two…or ten things about how and why a game runs smoothly. We’ve broken down these rules into categories for your benefit as well as ours. Please read all of them and keep them in mind while you’re a member!

As A Player...Edit

These are the things your fellow players and the GMs need from you. These rules help you co-exist with your fellow players and be productive with them.

  1. Be over 18. Actually this rule has as much to do with maturity as it does age, and sadly those two don’t always go together. Be mature and be over the legal age in your country of origin. If you aren’t sure if you are mature enough, think about how you’d conduct yourself around people you don’t want to leave a bad impression on, yet be yourself at the same time. No fighting, no mud-slinging, and don’t be a nuisance.