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To Advertise on Beyond the Veil...Edit

We'd be grateful if you'd keep a few things in mind:

  • Please include at least one link back to your boards, wiki, or whatever your role play game is based in.
  • Please specify if your game has adult content.
  • Please do not post your game more than once unless it has changed significantly. Every seven (7) days you can bump your ad with a reply.
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To Affiliate With Us....Edit

The benefits of affiliating with us is that your ad remains on our site and is visible from any topic on Beyond the Veil. To become an affiliate, simply send us an image that is 88 by 31 pixels and provide us a link back. We'll want to also affiliate with you. We have two static positions not on our marquee (these images are 80 by 31 due to length restrictions of the box) however, these are reserved for affiliates that we've had a highly mutually beneficial relationship with (such as sharing active members).

You can send your image (link to), link, and a brief description to the game admin.