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Characters come and go, but nothing is ever gone on the internet! Even our deceased characters (or characters whose player has left the game) are listed here.

Please also keep in mind that this website is being constructed and maintained by a very limited staff, so information is made available to you as we can do it.

You can see the people 'cast' as our characters on our faceclaim page.


Canon characters are characters that are featured in the body of work your game or writing is based on. To see a complete list of all characters, select 'Characters' in the table of contents. Some will be taken and some available, simply open the link and read about them.


Characters that are inventions of fans like yourself are called originals. These characters are usually subly placed in the established universe, such as a Hogwarts student, or a complete newcomer. There are a few examples of original characters below for you to read up on.

One thing for you to keep in mind with your original is that he or she has a face. Describing your next door neighbor rarely does the trick, so we have the Faceclaim page, which features all the actors and actresses whose lovely likenesses we've borrowed.


Like many stories, there are characters whose purpose is simply to be there as a reference or the family member that, for the most part, is not heard from. NPC characters can also be temporary ones that serve a one-time or rarely used purpose.

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The following categories break down the character population into different factors.

  • Families (This category has sub-categories, which are BtV's family units.)

In an attempt to make things easier, we put all character related categories into another category, as sub-categories. You can see it here.

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