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*Imiage artist is Pheonix Phlox


Hedeon is very loyal to his family, particularly to his father, and is protective over those that he cares most about. He’s also very stubborn and, even at young age, was set in his ways. Some people categorize him as having an authority problem however, Hedeon only has a problem accepting orders from someone he doesn’t respect. In the case of Vladimir, who he doesn’t respect, he accepts orders with little arguing because of Vladimir’s position over Mefodiy, his father.

Hedeon’s middle name is Mefodiy, after his father.


Like the rest of the family, Hedeon attended Kutuzov Academy of Magic. Because his personality more closely matched politics than enforcement, he began learning the financial and political attributes of the family. Officially Hedeon has had few jobs, though since the age of fifteen he has been working, full time, for the family in an unofficial capacity.


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Currently he’s serving beneath Vladimir Sokolov, the underboss of the English Sokolov family. In this capacity Hedeon does a wide range of things from menial spying to doing internal auditing when something looks questionable.


Hedeon’s father is Mefodiy Sokolov and his mother was Raisa Sokolova. He has five siblings, including Tatyana and Stas. He’s the oldest of his siblings. All of his siblings survived the war with voldemort, however before the family left Russia, his mother died in a splicing accident.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.