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Hunter Delacour is a 7th year Slytherin who was recruited by his parents and initiated as a Death Eater on his 17th birthday. While he has no interest in being a Death Eater, he "joined" the ranks to protect his younger sister, Rose. Despite it being their own daughter, they threatened unmentionable things against her if Hunter didn't join the "family business" of defending the Dark Lord. By sacrificing himself, he has saved his sister from his own fate. Hunter is well able to conceal his lack of enthusiam for the job in front of the Dark Lord and all DE followers as this is his only chance of survival. As a younger DE, he has not been required to kill anyone but he has been forced to go on "training" missions with other DEs. As a DE who is still attending Hogwarts, he is now considered to have some power thanks to the new adminstration under the rule of the Dark Lord himself. 


Hunter is a very secluded individual. He has a very fierce sense of loyalty and is very protective of his sister, Rose. He excels at having a poker face, as his true feelings of his new profession will never be allowed to shine through. While he is forced to do some unsavory acts, he tends to do the minmal amount of work, which makes him appear lazy to his fellow DEs, when in actuality he is quite productive in his assessments of the situations to provide the least amount of damage possible.

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This character is AVAILABLE. Right now, he's being temped by Katie.