Kutuzov Academy of Magic is arranged around and under Moscow. K.A.M. is approximately 50,000 square feet, however it magically expands as needed, so surveys are constantly being revised.


The Russian educational structure dictates that students begin schooling at or around the age of eight. After their eighth birthday, young witches and wizards are automatically entered into roster at K.A.M. Parents must petition to the Educational Officer in their province prior to the beginning of the school year and present a reasonable, educational plan. Most applicants are denied.

After two years of classes, students take exams that test their strengths in Astronomy, Potions, Divination, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. Among taking the student’s interest into consideration, students are sorted by their highest scores and the next eight years focus on the top two subjects with some student-chosen electives.

The last two years of studies include apprenticeships with professors and government-approved professionals in addition to schoolwork.

As a rule, those who graduate from K.A.M. should be able to find respectful and gainful employment in Russia and elsewhere. They have ten years of education as well as two years of an apprenticeship to offer employers. Alternatively, students have the option of attending the University of Kutuzov to continue to refine their craft. While not free for attendance, those who attend are allowed to work for the school or have off-campus jobs (and off-campus homes) or be sponsored by a company or another individual(s).

University of KutuzovEdit

The University of Kutozov Is 220 Kilometers from Moscow in the Vladimir region of Russia. To muggles, the campus looks like the ruin of a castle, but in reality it is a highly respected educational institute and is especially attractive to Potions Masters and those striving to continue their brewing education.

Muggles know it as the Russian Castle Muromtsevo.





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