The Prince family is an old, pureblood family that hails mostly from the southern area of England. While they were able to live comfortably, they were by no stretch a wealthy family until Octavius Prince invented the Secrecy Sensor, a very useful tool for witches and wizards in detecting evil. This elevated the family’s status from no-body to modestly wealthy.

Despite this, the family valued their privacy. The Prince family didn’t engage in politics or the typical social drama that came along with wealth in Wizarding England. They didn’t really aide in philanthropy work or make extravagant purchases—all of which led to them being extraordinarily plan and soon, the family melted out of the spotlight.

Some members, such as Eileen Snape, became estranged from the family. For Eileen it is unclear if it is because she married a muggle or if it was because he was an abusive muggle but regardless, she died exiled from the Prince family.

Members of the Prince Family on Beyond the Veil