Zachary walked with the professor, mostly in silence. Atleast, right up till the professor asked him a question. "Well, it's not like I have much to compare them with," Zach said truthfully. "I'd assume they do a good job, I know we've had a couple potions professors in my old school that invented some of the more commonly used potions, don't know if that makes them good teachers or anything."



Zach had always been interested in Dragons, so after his first year of Hogwarts his dad and mom took him to visit the dragons in Romania, where his dad worked. Unlucky of a day as it was a dragon with a hot temper escaped from its magical chains and ate the closest witches/wizards, Zach's parents. They were able to restrain the dragon afterwards, leaving Zach with a nasty wound in his left forearm just inches from his wrist that extended most of the way to his arm. The fang that caused the wound had received some magical properties from a broken piece of his father's wand that got stuck between the Dragon's teeth and thus caused the wound to be of a magical type. After two and a half years of time the healers and researchers for St. Mungos were still unable to find a way to permantly heal/close the wound. Zach carries has a potion that can be taken daily to help keep the wound closed, but extreme stress can cause the wound to open up and thus Zach's arm must always be wrapped in bandages in case of this happening.


Zach is very shy, tends to stick to corners and other out of the way places in a room. Travels in the back of a line and sits at the back of the class, but isn't always actually reading or studying. Zach, although he has a shy personality, is fascinated with other people and keeps a wacthful and observent eye and ear on those in the room. He is a master at eavesdropping, luckily for everyone he doesn't talk much at all. Zach has a habit of drifting off and day dreaming. His creative mind and free time has always driven him to enjoy writing just as much as reading. He’s very creative and a good writer. He is also amazingly talented with spells, the more fascinating the spell is to him the faster he picks it up.



Zach’s parents were Nina and Kevin Craytin. Both worked with dragons and both met their end when a dragon escaped from it’s bindings. His god-mother is Katelyn Joyin and his current legal guardian.

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