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The only child of Devon Prince and Polina Prince nee Asimov, Zasha was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 28th, 1978. When she was three, the family left Russia and embarked on a trip around the world as her father leisurely sold Secrecy Sensors (and improving on the design) to various companies. This made Zasha a world traveler primarily educated by her very knowledgeable mother as well as four month to one year stints with private tutors in the area they were living in at the time.

When she was sixteen, her father died suddenly in an accident while they were in Australia. Devastated, Polina moved the two of them back to Prince Estate in south England, the home left to Devon and his estranged sister, Eileen. Because Eileen had long ago been exiled due to her choices of matrimony and was also deceased, the property was left to Zasha.

Polina herself succumbed to grief and died exactly one year and one day after Devon, effectively leaving Zasha alone. Zev still lives in the home and owns a house-elf she affectionately named Elvis.

Zasha is a member of the Prince Family.

Family and BloodlineEdit

Zasha is the only daughter of Devon and Polina Prince, both deceased, and is a pureblood.


Despite the recent hardships in her life, Zasha remains upbeat. She was raised to believe that the world continued on after death and that you did not do justice to those who have passed if you fail to enjoy life. While she has down days, this is something she’s taken to heart and tries to honor her parents with it.

Because she was raised all over the world, she has a very multi-cultural and open perspective on most things. She does not believe that muggles are meant to be enslaved and thinks that wizards can learn quite a bit from them. She’s extremely open to new ideas.

Zasha tends to be loud—she enjoys being noticed and her fashion, hairstyle choices and activities tend to reflect that. Despite the impression one might form from that, she’s got a very compassionate nature and will help people when she can.

Zasha is tri-lingual, fluent in English, Russian and Italian.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly.